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ORSIR : 2010年尼加拉瓜CoE季軍豆Un Regalo de Dios莊園資料
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About the farm:
The farm “Un regalo de Dios” is located in the community Quisuli arriba, municipality of Mozonte, Department of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua. This farm is located 26 km from Ocotal, the capital of the department. The terrain is inclining, undulating, surrounded with beautiful mountains and crystal water springs, with a diverse flora and fauna that helps to the sustainability and the equilibrium of the ecosystem. The altitude of the farm is from 1350 m to 1800 m above the sea level with the average temperature of 20ºC and rainfall of 1700 mm per year, with a sandy lime loam. I bought this farm recently, I am the owner from the last harvest, but from my childhood I work in the coffee sector with my father, thus the passion for the coffee cultivation comes from my family. The farm is 300 mz in total, out of which we produce coffee on 60 mz with the total production of 1400 QQ of the catuai, caturra, catimor and maracatu varieties.

About his family:
My family is composed of five members: my five, two daughters, one son and myself.

What is the secret of your success?
There is no secret. Everything is in the hand of the God, our helper. I am confident that God blesses all our efforts.

How do you feel being a winner of the Cup of Excellence Nicaragua 2010?
I feel happy to share one beautiful moment as a coffee producer and enjoy it together with different producers from various regions of our country.

His experience in the Cup of Excellence:
Cup of Excellence is an event that revolutionized the idea of coffee production and processing. Now we have broader knowledge of what is the quality of the coffee.

Un Regalo de Dios is committed to striving for quality coffee and also to improving the lives of those in need in Nicaragua. Therefore:

We will donate all Cup of Excellence proceeds to The City Hall of Mozonte (home-building project for 9 families) and The Pentecostal Church of God housing project in Ocotal. The Specialty Coffee Association of Nicaragua (ACEN) will act as project supervisor for these funds.

We hope to continue this investment year by year if Un Regalo de Dios earns a place in Cup of Excellence auction.

We want to see other organizations participating in this vision and investing in countries where the events takes place.

We are also committed and will be investing to improve processes and, God willing, improve the quality of coffee produced by Un Regalo de Dios.
May God bless you all.

Property Characteristics: Coffee Characteristics:
Farm: Un Regalo de Dios
Farmer: Luis Alberto Balladares Moncada
Rank: 3(2010年季軍 )
City: Mozonte
Region: Nueva Segovia
Country: Nicaragua
Farm Size: 14.68 Hectares
Coffee growing area: 14.68 Hectares
Altitude: 1500 masl
Certification: None

Variety: Catuai Rojo
Processing System: Washed y Sun
Lot Size: 42 boxes
Pounds: 2,746.05 (1,245.59 kgs)
International Jury Score: 91.31
Cupping Number #: 293
Price: 7.55 USD
Winning Bidder: Orsir Coffee (Taiwan)

Top Jury Descriptions: aroma/flavor: cherry, jasmine, floral, peach, pecan, apple, sweet spice, ginger, dark chocolate, pineapple, passion fruit, hibiscus acidity: winey, citric, ripe melon, syrupy, lively other: lingering caramel finish, orange, balanced and improved as it cooled

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